• A descendant of white European settlers who is born in a colonized country.
  • Anyone with mixed ancestry born in a country colonized by white Europeans, now especially one who speaks a creole language.
  • Someone of black African descent who is born in the Caribbean or Americas (originally as opposed to an African immigrant).
  • A native-born of Francophone descent in the Louisiana territory of any race, as opposed to Anglo-American settlers.


  • Pertaining to or characteristic of someone who is a Creole.
  • That is a Creole; especially, born in a colonized country different from that of his or her ancestors.
  • Designating a creolized language.
  • Prepared according to a cooking style developed in a Creole area, now especially that of Louisiana, characterised by a mixture of European and African influences.

Proper Noun

  • Any specific creole language, especially that of Haiti.


  • Variously from French créole, from its source, Spanish criollo, and from its source, Portuguese crioulo, itself probably a diminutive of cria, from criar, from Latin creō. Criollo, and crioulo.

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